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Photos by Talarico Photography

Capt. Vanderhoop's boat, Tomahawk, is a 30' Ovid Ward Custom Sportfish, powered by twin 250 hp Yamaha motors. It sleeps 4, has a head, shower, stove, and it's the fastest charter boat on the Vineyard. Cruising speed at 40 knots, and top speed at 56 knots. In good weather it only takes 2.5 hrs. to get to the canyons. It is a great offshore fishing boat, it's not just fast, it also provides a very comfortable ride.

Aboard the Tomahawk you will be the first to get to the fishing grounds, spend the maximum time fishing, and you won't have to leave until all the other charter boats have already gone (but you will still beat them home, of course).

"Last year I had the best Tuna fishing year ever! with lots of Yellowfin up to 150 lbs., Longfin Albacore, and tons of school Bluefin from 40 lbs. to 175 lbs.," says Capt. Buddy. "It makes a huge difference when you can get to the fish. Most of the other boats won't even bother making the trip, since round trip may take them more than 8 hrs. (there goes the whole day!)."